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Hannah Riddle

“As a first generation college student, I came to UT overwhelmingly nervous, excited, and anxious to experience the opportunities the next four years would present. Beginning college without a career objective or deliberate path forward, a conversation with a friend’s mom who works in corporate events in Nashville led me to the Communication Studies program, and the range of interests and options in our college solidified my decision to pursue communication.

This major has encouraged me to explore my newly elevated skills far beyond the classroom. I have studied intercultural communication in Dublin, Ireland, gained professional experience through internships at Discovery, Inc. and the City of Knoxville’s Special Events office, and networked with countless impressive alumni from all over the country through CMST Club.
I am actively job searching, and hoping to find a position soon working in internal communications, corporate events, or public relations. Although COVID-19 has presented many uncertainties, I am grateful for my time in the CMST program and I am ready to rise to the challenge, initiate collaboration, and refine my skills to meet the needs of all stakeholders.”
Thanks so much!
Hannah Riddle