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23rd Annual EUReCA

The University of Tennessee’s 23rd Annual Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (EURÄ“CA) was held April 15-18, 2019 at Hodges Library. Eight students from the School of Communication Studies represented the College of Communication and Information. Congratulations to the following students:

Dara Carney-Nedelman, 1st place award winner, CMST project entitled “AUIGTROSAI (Acronym Usage in Groups: The Relationship of Socialization and Identification)” faculty mentor-Emily Paskewitz

Emily Caylor, 2nd place award winner, CMST project entitled “Family Communication Patterns and Advice Response Theory: How Emerging Adults View Parental Advice on Money” faculty mentor-Courtney Wright

Max Davenport, CMST project entitled “Inter-professional Collaboration: Breaking Through Intellectual Barriers” faculty mentor-Dajung Woo

Mary Klepzig, CMST project entitled “Communication’s Role in Patients’ Medication Compliance” faculty mentor-Laura Miller

Kane Smith, CMST project entitled “Co-Cultural Savvy: Do Corporate Policies Combat Cultural Tensions?” faculty mentor-Michelle Violanti

Maryfrances Gallegos, CMST project entitled “How America’s Foreign Language Education System Affects American Society” faculty mentor-Randi Addicott

Cameron Hutt, CMST project entitled “How Public Speaking Affects Confidence” faculty mentor-Robin Barrow

Christina Young, CMST project entitled “Beyond Infinity: The Reality of the Multiverse” faculty mentor-Elizabeth Leigh Gentry