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Research Exercise

Complete the following items. It will be wise for you to visit the library to do so. If you face any difficulties or confusion, feel free to ask a librarian for help.

  1. In one sentence, describe the topic of your speech:
  2. List at least one book (with title, author, and date of publication) related to the topic of your speech:
  3. List 10 key words useful for searching for information re: the topic of your speech:
  4. Search within databases (get a librarian to help) for information relevant to your topic (use the key words). List three hits on that search that you think could be useful:
  5. Name at least one good source of statistics or concrete information on your topic:
  6. Name one good source of images related to your topic (if you use their images, you will credit them):
  7. Name at least three people/publications who you might consider experts or reliable sources on your topic:
  8. Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Medium — did you find any current, reliable information or useful quotes from involved sources?