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Royal Youth Dance Ensemble, Inc.

The Royal Youth Dance Ensemble, Inc. is a local nonprofit organization that offers affordable dance classes to low-income children who are facing adverse traumatic experiences. These children would not otherwise be able to affordable dance as an extracurricular activity. Our program provides a safe space for discovery and creativity during after school hours, which helps reduce risky behaviors at-risk will inevitably face. We also offer afterschool tutoring, mentoring, and coaching to our dance students, as well as non-dance students who have academic gaps.

We are seeking college juniors and/or seniors who are majoring/minoring in Child and Family Studies, Social Work, Child Psychology, Health and Human Services, and/or Early Childhood Education, Sports Recreation, Performing Arts- Dance, Music, and/or Voice. We would love for interns to come and assist us with lesson planning, curriculum design, tutoring, behavioral managements, physical recreational activities, teaching a class/craft, leading activities, helping with homework and tutoring, during after school hours. The days and times would be Monday thru Friday from 3:30-5:30pm.